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This is an unprecedented time in our world and Parents on a Mission want to assure my customers, visitors and networks that I will be continuing to work for you and provide an ongoing service to the community throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. The health and safety of all of you is my top priority. Stay safe, Leanne 

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Get involved! I am always interested in connecting with like-minded people: commercial businesses, philanthropists, Government and community organizations, Mums, Dad's, everyone who thinks they have awesome ideas to help others in the Child Protection system. Parents helping other Parents to create positive change, I want to talk to  you! Send me a message and ask me how I can help you or how you can help others. Become a supporter of Parents on a Mission today!

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I am dedicated to educating people to change their relationships to create positive change for children and to bring Parents voices to the decision makers. Children are so precious, let's give them the best possible future! Help me to bring my vision to life

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Whether you can share your knowledge, time or are able to donate - I thank you.  Your contribution matters. Thank you for sharing my vision to become Parents on a Mission ❤️