About Parents on a Mission


About us

Welcome to Parents on a Mission, a business dedicated to using the voice of lived experience of the Queensland Child Protection System and of the Disability sector, to influence positive change for Parents in these systems.

Using my voice of lived experience, I have dedicated my time to challenge the stereotype of a Parent of children in care, who has a disability, to reduce stigma and provide feedback to decision makers from a Parents perspective.

Child Protection - I have  created an information pack for Parents, called Leanne's Gift. The information in my self-help book is based on my 10 plus years of lived experience in the Queensland Child Protection System.

I also have a vision of Parents, Carers and Departmental workers, working together, for our children. My aim is to use my lived experience of creating a positive relationship with my son's Carer, for the best interest of my son, to influence change for better outcomes for children in out of home care

Other products/services

Leanne's Gift information packs 

Other services for Leanne's Gift coming soon

Speaking Engagements around lived experience of a Parent involved in the Queensland Child Protection System.

Disability -  I have lived experience as a Parent with a Disability in the Queensland Child Protection System. My goal is to provide more understanding of Parents with a Disability and what their needs are.

Speaking Engagements on lived experience of parenting with a disability

Promoting Businesses/Community groups or programs that are hidden gems

Parents on a Mission also want to spread the word about Businesses, Community groups or programs that are beneficial to the community. So many people out there do such great work! Unfortunately, some of these people don't get the chance to promote their 'hidden gems' - that's where I come in, take a look and tell others about these wonderful projects!

Sharing Good news stories.

There are so many good news stories out there! Take a look and share your own stories. Bring happiness to all who read them 😊