Video for Parents about why I created Leanne's Gift

Check out this great opportunity to find out more about Leanne's Gift and why I want to share  my knowledge with you. 

Leanne's Gift Tip Sheets for Parents of kids in care

I have had many questions from Parents about what to do when you first enter the system. Please  take this information as a gift from me to you. Remember, you are NOT alone...

Tip Sheet 1 -   Your first steps - what you need to focus on at the beginning…

Tip Sheet 2 -  How can I help my kids once they go into care?

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Video about why I've created a Photo wall for Parents

Check out this great video about my new Photo wall for Parents who have kids in care.  To add your photo, please email me at

We stand together to make a difference...

Download your multimedia release form

If you are a Parent of kids in care and you want to add your photo, please download this form, fill it out and email to:

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