Leanne's Gift - information for Community members/Sponsors

What's Leanne's Gift?

Losing your children...

It's one of the worst things that can happen to a family. For whatever reason, the Department have removed your child from your care. You may have made mistakes in your life and that has affected your child. Currently in Queensland, families have one 2 year order and then, if they aren't returned within that time, it's until the child is 18 or adoption 

But there's a problem...

Parents don't get a guide book to show them how to get through this process. Their children are crying, wanting to come home. The children are not only removed from their home; they are sometimes removed from their school, their normal surroundings, their friends and extended family. Children need help and support from their Parents to help them to cope with being away from their family. Unfortunately, Parents are dealing with so much pain, anger and stress themselves, that they can't find that strength to help their kids cope because they can't cope.

Here’s what I'm Doing About it...

So I started a business called Parents on a Mission. My goal is for Parents to help other Parents to help change our world.

As a Parent on a Mission, I decided to create a pack, full of information and advice, about how to successfully navigate through the Queensland Child Protection System.

How can you help me?

I need your support, so that I can continue to create these packs and give them to Parents for free.

Donate a pack or packs to Parents today!

I am running a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, check it out!