How has Parents on a Mission helped you?

I met Leanne years ago and have been impressed to see her develop her parent leadership skills to the point of establishing Parents on a Mission.

I was also grateful for her creation, 'Leanne's Gift', which has been a sensitive and needed response to the nightmare experiences that families have when their children are taken from them.

With the coming changes to Child Safety Legislation, I hope that there will be fewer children coming into care and more support for families in their homes. I believe that Leanne's contribution to this field is very important. She has a vision for the future, through her work as Parents on a Mission, and is committed to bringing about needed change.

A Kinship Carer

Reflections of past clients

Our CEO, Leanne Claussen is a former Advocate and referral agent. Here are some reflections of Leanne's work in these areas - 

I first met Leanne Claussen at a FIN meeting for parents to talk about their experiences in the Child Protection system. In listening to her, I realised that she understood not only the Child Protection system but also the legal system linked in with it. Like myself and most others, she had also experienced a great deal of anger and frustration at the unjust and inappropriate way she had been treated by the Department, yet had moved on from this and was able to act in the situation with a clarity and confidence that I respected.

I was encouraged by Leanne to stand firm and not be beaten by the sense of powerlessness family members experience when they are involved in the Child Protection system. 

A Kinship Carer

We were put in contact with Leanne a couple of years ago. She spoke to us about her experience with having her children removed from her care, and gave us recommendations as to what to do next.

We found Leanne to be down-to-earth, friendly and someone we could relate to. It was nice to speak to someone non-judgemental who had been in a similar situation to us.

We found ourselves needing advice again, so we contacted Leanne again. We asked for her help and she pointed us in the direction of an advocate who is now working with us and has given us some good advice. We're hopeful he'll be able to help us out down the track. 

We recommend contacting Leanne, because if you're in the situation of having had your kids removed, you'll soon find out that you're left adrift, with no information and a broken heart. Currently, and certainly in my experience, no help is offered to parents who lose care of their children. You're given a list of things you have to do, and given no assistance or information on where and how to do this. You're responsible for picking yourself up and surviving through this agonising experience, whilst being made to jump through hoops to try and earn your kids back. Leanne can help you make sense of the situation you're in, show you where you can begin to take steps forward, and reassure you that there are others out there like you. You're not alone, and you still deserve a happy ending.

Laura S and K.S